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Developing Innovative Strategies



Heima Consulting is a highly specialized boutique consulting firm with a proven track record of delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses seeking to enter the Chinese market or establish a presence in Iceland. Our team of experts has a wealth of in-depth experience in East Asia, Northern Europe, and North America, providing us with a deep understanding of the cultural and economic nuances that are critical to success in these regions.

At Heima Consulting, our primary goal is to deliver exceptional consulting services that enable our clients to capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by the Sino-Icelandic market. We work closely with business owners to develop and execute innovative marketing and business strategies that help them achieve their goals and build long-term, sustainable partnerships that foster growth and profitability.

Our commitment to entrepreneurship, long-term partnerships, and sustainable development underscores our unwavering dedication to ethical business practices and our steadfast commitment to delivering value to our clients. You can trust Heima Consulting to provide you with expert guidance, unparalleled insights, and superior service that will help you achieve success in the dynamic and ever-changing Sino-Icelandic market.

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